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Here's where I share my original graphic creations, hoping they'll bring colors to your personal and business projects. Please read my terms of use first - enjoy exploring!

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25 Feb '07
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Dec '08 --
Painted Groove is officially on hiatus. I may add new items should the inspiration come but no promises. As a fresh university graduate, I'm trying to settle myself with a full-time job and brush up on my programming skills. Thank you all for the support of my webby and graphics all these years!

25 Apr '07 --
  • Added 1 Country Mini - Australia!
  • Updated Other Art Display - view my school assignments (vector graphics).

    25 Feb '07 --
    Please note that my email address has changed to: erae@frosted-wings.net

  • Added 1 new Signature Tag - have a cup of tea!

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